The Micorosoft Report Viewer 2012 redistributable is required for this feature.

The Micorosoft Report Viewer 2012 redistributable is required for this feature.

In this Article we will see how to configure WSUS Reporting in Window server 2012.

Installation of Windows Server 2012 Beta WSUS is a easy and straight forward task, which you can do via Server Manager or remotely by adding the required Role.

After I installed WSUS it worked immediately without any issues, but when I tried to open one of the computer reports I got following message.

In WSUS, i was Unable to install Microsoft Report Viewer Redistributable on Windows server 2016.
When i am click on any system to check its Status Report then it's showing Microsoft Report Viewer Redistributable feature require.

I have downloaded the files and when try to install it's showing as Microsoft System CLR Type for SQL Server 2012 missing.

So I thought no problem. I download report viewer from Microsoft website and I will install it.

But when I tried to install it told me I need .Net Framework 2.0 . But you can’t install .Net framework redistributable bits on Windows Server 2012 Beta , since .Net Framework 4 is already installed. And when you try to install the redistributable files Windows will tell you that you should add it via roles and features.   So what to do ?

Solution. You will need the Windows 2012 Server Beta Installation sources. In my case in Drive D:

Starting  Command prompt as Administrator

Dism /online /enable-feature /featurename:NetFX3 /featurename:NetFx3ServerFeatures /Source:D:\sources\sxs

Note: D: is the drive letter of DVD drive on the computer, adjust it accordingly.

after running successful .Net Installation via DSIM you can run the installation of Report Viewer tools without a problem.

100% your issue will be resolved after following all the procedure.

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