How to create group in Linux

How to create group in Linux

Today we will see in this post that how to create group in Linux through command line. It's very easy to create, change, modify and delete group information. Please read full articles if you face any problem regarding this articles so please leave comments or drop email within 24 hours you will get reply by our team.

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To create group account:

[root@localhost ONS]# groupadd saiyyad

To set password on group account:

[root@localhost ONS]# gpasswd saiyyad
Changing the password for group saiyyad
New Password:
Re-enter new password:

To create and change Group's GUID:

[root@localhost ONS]# groupadd -g 1200 saiyyad
[root@localhost ONS]# groupmod -g 1201 saiyyad

To remove group password:

[root@localhost ONS]# gpasswd -r saiyyad

To change/rename group's name:

[root@localhost ONS]# groupmod -n ITmanager saiyyad

To delete/remove group account:

[root@localhost ONS]# groupdel saiyyad

To add a user into a group:

[root@localhost ONS]# gpasswd -a test saiyyad

To add multiple user into a group at same time:

[root@localhost ONS]# gpasswd -M test,deepak,raju saiyyad

To delete a user from group:

[root@localhost ONS]# gpasswd -d test saiyyad

To check member of group information:

[root@localhost ONS]# getent group saiyyad

To check the group information:

[root@localhost ONS]# vi /etc/group
[root@localhost ONS]# cat /etc/group

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