Remote access router from external network

How to take Remotely/Online access Router, Modem, DSL+Router from external network?

Today We will learn about how to take remotely/online access Router,Modem, DSL+Router from external network. These are modem feature which is help to access modem online from external network. But it's make your network unsecure because it's enable to access network from outside and password got so they can do anything. 

Make sure that your password not share anyone.

Please follow step by step to enable Remote Management:
1. Access Modem/Router on web such as
2. Click on Advance Tab.

3. Now Click on Remote Management.

4. Now Check mark on Turn Remote Management on.

5. Change Port (i.e: 8443) according you for access Remote.

6. Click on Apply.

7. Now type URL:- https://public-ip-address:8443



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