How to configure Hotspot in Mikrotik Router

How to configure Hotspot in Mikrotik Router?

Today we are going to share with all of you about how to install and configure hotspot in Mikrotik Router via WinBox. It's used to authenticate the user name and password over internet access. It has good feature and easy to configure. We have several option to configure authentication, Mac Address, Radius, CHAP and another authentication process. make sure that internet is working on your router. need to configure IP Address on interface, DNS IP Address, Route, mangle to make communication between network such as LAN to WAN, LAN to LAN.

Please follow step by step to configure hotspot in Mikrotik Router via WinBox.

Step 1:  Click on IP > Click on DHCP Client > select ether1 in interface > Make sure that check mark on DNS, NTP, Add Default Route > click on Apply and Ok.

Step 2: Make sure internet is working so please configure world wide use DNS IP Address such as, and 

Step 4: Click on System > Configure NTP Client > Check mark on Enabled > select unicast in Mode > Put Primary NTP Server and secondary NTP Server as shown below image > Click on Appy and Ok.

Step 5: Now we ready to configure Hotspot. 
             Click on IP  > Click on Hotspot > Click on Hotspot Setup > Select Interface & port on which you have to attach your device such as ether2 in Hotspot Interface > Click on Next.

Step 6: Put Local Address of Network such as and make sure that check mark on Masquerade Network  > Click on Next.

Step 7: Select Address Pool of Network such as > Click On Next.

Step 8: Select Certificate as None > Click On Next.

Step 9: Put SMTP Server IP Address > Click On Next.

Step 10: Put Worldwide DNS Server IP Address such as> Click On Next.

Step 11: Give name of DNS Name > Click On Next.

Step 12: Create Local Hotspot User and password > Click On Next.

 Step 13:  Click On ok.

Step 14: Click on Users Tab in Hostpot wizard > Click on Plus (+) sign. 

Step 15: Give User Name and password on which has right to access internet.

When you access internet on your client system that ask for authentication user and and password, then you need to put user name and password which you create at your last step.

Now you see that you are able to access Internet on your system.

Hope this will help to all of you and resolved your all query if you have any query or question so you may ask to send email on our email account ( or leave comment on page.



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