To preseed the replicated files onto the destination server by using Robocopy

To preseed the replicated files onto the destination server by using Robocopy

Today we will learn that how to pressed the replicated files onto the destination server by using Robocopy.  xcopy always use to copy folders,files and sub-folder from one location to another location but if we have configured Distributed File System (DFS) on our Microsoft Server so in these case xcopy doesn't work that's why robocopy use for those files,folder and so on.

To sample of Robocopy:

robocopy "<source replicated folder path>" "<destination replicated folder path>" /e /b /copyall /r:6 /w:5 /MT:64 /xd DfsrPrivate /tee /log:<log file path> /v

"<source replicated folder path>"  = Specifies the source folder to preseed on the destination server.

"<destination replicated folder path>" =  Specifies the path to the folder that will store the preseeded files.


The destination folder must not already exist on the destination server. To get matching file hashes,
Robocopy must create the root folder when it preseeds the files.

/e = Copies subdirectories and their files, as well as empty subdirectories.

/b = Copies files in Backup mode.

/copyall = Copies all file information, including data, attributes, time stamps, the NTFS access control list (ACL), owner information, and auditing information.

/r:6 = Retries the operation 6 times when an error occurs.

/w:5 = Waits 5 seconds between retries.

MT:64 = Copies 64 files simultaneously.

/xd DfsrPrivate = Excludes the DfsrPrivate folder.

/tee = Writes status output to the console window, as well as to the log file.

/log <log file path> = Specifies the log file to write. Overwrites the file’s existing contents. (To append the entries to the existing log file, use /log+ <log file path>.)

/v = Produces verbose output that includes skipped files.

For instance:

robocopy.exe "\\server\d$\test" "d:\rf01" /e /b /copyall /r:6 /w:5 /MT:64 /xd DfsrPrivate /tee /log:e:\test\department.log


To avoid potential data loss when you use Robocopy to preseed files for DFS Replication, do not make the following changes to the recommended parameters:

Do not use the /mir parameter (which mirrors a directory tree) or the /mov parameter (which moves the files, and then deletes them from the source).

Do not remove the /e, /b, and /copyall options.



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