How to install and Configure MySQL server

How to install and Configure MySQL Server?

Today we are going to share with all of you that how to install and configure MySQL Server. as we know about MySQL server free of cost but it's totally easy to install and configure on window operating system. It has good feature and performance also.

We have shown here step by step through video also.

Step 1: Double click on setup(.exe) file and click on run.

Step 2: Check mark on I accept the licence term

Step 3: Press Next

Step 4: Check mark on Server only and then click on Next

Step 5: Click on Execute.
               After the all the files will be started to execute.

Step 6: Press Next

Step 7: Check mark on TCP/IP, Open Firewall port for networks access, Name pipe shared memory and show advance option then Press Next.

Step 8: Type MySQL Root Password
               Repeat Password and then click on Add user.

Step 9: Put user name, password and confirm password then click Ok.
            Press Next

Step 10: Press Next 

Step 11: Check mark on Enable X Protocol/MySQL as a document store and Open Firewall port for networks access then Press Next.

Step 12: Press Next

Step 13: Click on Execute.

Step 14: Click on Finish and then press Close.

Now you have successfully installed and configured MySQL Server on your system.

Hope this will help to all of you and resolved your all query if you have any query or question so you may ask to send email on our email account ( or leave comment on page.




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