Group Policy (GPO) Interview Question and Answer

Group Policy Object (GPO) Interview Question and Answer

Q1: What is Group Policy?

Q2: What is distinguish between Domain policy and Domain controller policy?

Q3: What is Group Policy object?

Q4: What is User and computer policy?

Q5: How many kind of Group policy?

Q6: What can we do with Group policy?

Q7: Where do Group policy object exist by default?

Q8: What is Group Policy Inheritance?

Q9: How to delegate the permission on user that Group policy doesn’t work on only one user?

Q10: How to set Desktop Wallpaper on domain user through Group Policy?

Q11: How to take backup of Group Policy?

Q12: How to restore of Group Policy backup?

Q13: How to check which policy are implemented from client system on client system?

Q14: Suppose group policy is not working on any clients what is reason and how to troubleshoot it?



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