Desktop Support Engineer Interview Question and Answer

Desktop Support Engineer Interview Question and Answer

Q1: What is Operating system?

Q2: How many edition of Window 7 operating system?

Q3: What is distinguish between home basic and professional edition of Windows O/S?

Q4: How many kind of Operating system?

Q5: What is distinguish between Server operating system and client operating system?

Q6: How many classes in there of IP addresses and what is range?

Q7: What is Public IP address and Private ip address? What is range of that?

Q8: What is distinguish between IPv4 and IPv6 ip address?

Q9: What is BSOD? How to fix it?

Q10: Suppose my system is being restart frequently . What is reason behind it and how to              troubleshoot it?

Q11: How many drive partition can be created?

Q12: What is Ping command?

Q13: Why do we used to ipconfig command?

Q14: If Pc is virus effected how do we troubleshoot it?

Q15: How many kinds of Backup?

Q16: What is distinguish between differential and incremental Backup?

Q17: Explain about NTFS?

Q18: Explain FAT32?

Q19: What is role if operation master. Explain it?

Q20: What is distinguish between .MSI and .exe file?

Q21: What are the light on Modem/Kab card and what do they indicate?

Q22: What is distinguish between RAM and ROM.

Q23: What is use of BOOT.ini file?

Q24: What is Safe mode? How it is differ from Normal mode?

Q25: What is distinguish between peer to peer and peer to server Network mode?



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