Active Directory Interview Question and Answer

Active Directory Interview Question and Answer

Q1: What is Active Directory?

Q2: What is the location to store Active Directory file?

Q3: What is file name in which Active Directory file store?

Q4: Which protocol is used to in Active directory?

Q5: How many partition in Active Directory?

Q6: What is LDAP?

Q7: How many file is create in NTDS folder? Brief describe about these.

Q8: What is the Sys volume folder?

Q9: what is the logical/physical structure of AD environment?

Q10: How to take backup of Active Directory?

Q11: How to restore of Active Directory?

Q12: What is object and describe it distinguish name?

Q13: What is OU?

Q14: Why do we create OU? What is reason behind it?

Q15: What is domain?

Q16: What is distinguish between Domain and Domain controller?

Q17: What is Forest?

Q18: What is tree and how is it different from forest?



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