To reset password cisco router

How to reset password Cisco router? or How to break the password Cisco Router? or How to reset the password Cisco Router? or How to recover password cisco router in packet tracer or GNS3?

Today we will learn that how to reset password of Router. 

Please see video to reset password of Router on Packet Tracer.

Please follow steps to reset password of Router on Packet Tracer.

Restart your Router and then Press “Ctrl+Break” on keyboard
After that now you enter in Rommon mode in router than press these command to reset the password

Rommon1>confreg 0x2142

And password has been reset now you enter in normal mode without password.

To reset configuration register back to default value:-

Router1#config t
Router1(config)#config register 0x2102
Router1(config)#do wr
Building configuration...
Router1#show version



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