installation of Active Directory

How to install Active Directory on window server?

1. Type “Ctrl+R” open Run and then type “dcpromo” and press “OK”.

2. Active Directory Installation Wizard opened on your screen, click Next

3. Ensure that use advanced mode installation and click “ok”

4. Operating system capability page will be displayed on screen and Press “OK”

5. Create a new domain in forest and click “ok”

6. On domain name page wizard enter the domain name then press ok

7. After the installation verifies the NetBIOS name, on the Set Forest Functional Level page, select Windows Server 2008 R2 in the Forest function level list. Then, click Next.

8. The installation examines and verifies your DNS setting.

9. On the Additional Domain Controller Options page, ensure that the DNS server check box is selected, and then click Next.

10. In the message dialog box that appears, click Yes.

11. On the Location for Database, Log Files, and SYSVOL page, accept the default values and then click Next.

12. On the Directory Services Restore Mode Administrator Password page, enter the domain administrator password that you chose during the preparation steps. This is not your admin password that was emailed to you during the creation of your server, although you can use that password if you want to. Then, click Next.

13. On the Summary page, review your selections and then click Next.

14. The installation begins.

15. Then Reboot your system and installation complete.



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